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Institutes and Onsite Coaching for Leadership and Teacher Teams

TIDES Learning Loop--Growing the District as a Professional Learning Organization 

For Districts Leadership Teams

To implement CCSS and meet the challenges of today’s learners, district leaders (cabinet, board of education, union leaders, community leaders, and site administrators) need to see themselves as learners first. Through inquiry processes, TIDES brings district leadership teams together to explore innovative approaches to rethink the future of education in their district. These district leadership institutes can lay the foundation for a strong learning organization that capitalizes on everyone’s expertise.

Learning to Lead Together Institute

For Leadership Teams

Leadership teams are critical for school and student success. TIDES teaches inquiry processes to help leadership teams set and maintain direction based on data and develop an implementation plan. Teams learn how to use an inquiry question to guide job-embedded professional development and monitor for results. Members of the team learn the importance of their role as instructional leaders and how to lead grade-level or department work.

TIDES Learning Loop: Data-Guided Decision-Making for Optimal Outcomes Institute

For Teacher Teams

High performing systems know the value and the power of data and regular monitoring of student performance. Grade and department teams learn a reflective process using student work to identify student strength and overcome learning challenges. Teams develop a deep understanding of CCSS and arrive at a shared definition of what is proficient. We highlight taking action on school and teacher practices that optimize student learning. Everyone becomes effective users of data to improve performance.

TIDES Math Institute

For Teacher Teams

Many skilled jobs have gone unfulfilled because students lack reasoning and problem-solving ability in mathematics. CCSS aims to rectify this problem, but success requires enhancing teacher skills. The TIDES Math Institute is designed to help teachers understand math grade level progressions as outlined in CCSS, develop critical content knowledge and pedagogical approaches to engage students in mathematical learning and reasoning.

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