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TIDES Collaboration with Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™
March 2017- June 2018

TIDES has been collaborating with Dr. Gloria Rodriguez Bañuelos, Qualcomm’s Thinkabit Lab Manager to review, refine and upload the online Teaching Resources for the 1-Day Thinkabit Lab Experience.  In addition, TIDES is collecting data to inform the Thinkabit Lab staff of the daily activities and responses to the activities from the 2,300 students who have visited the lab since September.

NSF Award #1657625 Researcher

TIDES Director of Research, Dr. Nahid Nariman will be acting as the researcher on the State of Hawaii Department of Education “Collaborative Research: Examining the Impact of an Industry-aligned, STEM Problem Based Learning Curriculum on Native Hawaiian and Underrepresented Youth Workforce Development."

TIDES Collaboration with UC Davis Graduate School of Education, Center for Applied Policy

TIDES Director Dr. Janet Chrispeels has been recruited by UC Davis Graduate School of Education, Center for Applied Policy, to assist in evaluating it Stuart Foundation funded Principal Networks.  The two Networks, one in Northern and the other in Southern California provide six day-long sessions to support principals in developing and polishing their skills to lead highly effective learning communities.


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