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Peggy H. Burke, Ph.D.

Peggy Burke brings to the TIDES team a deep experience in working at all public schools systems from elementary to university level as well as work with systems from an outsider perspective.  Prior to founding TIDES, Peggy worked in partnership with middle schools committed to change.  She was Director of New England Turning Points and co-founder of the National Turning Points Network.


During her tenure at Turning Points with a grant from the Carnegie Foundation, they launched a major initiative with 19 of the 24 Boston Middle Schools and established a state network to support the implementation of middle schools that effectively meet the needs of young adolescents.

Peggy has also been a teacher and administrator in K-12 education; and served on the faculty at Central Michigan University as co-director of middle level education.  More recently she was hired as a consultant at the University of Michigan-Flint and as a consultant working with Effective Schools for the 21st Century, a national research project focused on school change through the development of strong leadership teams.


Peggy received her BA in elementary education from Trinity University (1983), her MA in Social Science of Education from Stanford University (1990) and her Ph. D. in Educational Leadership from Lesley University (2001).

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