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Strengths-Based Approaches for District and School Teams 
Presented by Janet Chrispeels, TIDES, Shiou-Ping Shiu (2018).
University of Taipei, Taiwan
PBL in the era of Reform Standards: Challenges and Benefits Perceived by Teachers in one Elementary School. 

Nahid Nariman, Janet H. Chrispeels (2016) 
Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning, 10(1).

Strong Ties in a Decentralized District: A Case Study of an Improving District

Lisa Ann Umekubo, Janet H. Chrispeels, Alan J. Daly (2013) 
Pensamiento Educativo - Journal of Latin American Educational Research,
50(2) 69-96. 


Enhancing Parent Leadership Through Building Social and Intellectual Capital

José M. Bolívar and Janet H. Chrispeels

Am Educ Res J 2011;48 4-38


The Ebb and Flow of Social Network Ties Between District Leaders Under High-Stakes Accountability

Alan J. Daly and Kara S. Finnigan

Am Educ Res J 2011;48 39-79

Linking the Central Office and Its Schools for Reform

Peggy Johnson and Janet H. Chrispeels, Educational Administration Quarterly, 2010, 46 (5) 738-775.


Relationships in Reform

Alan J. Daly, Nienka Moolenaar, Jose Bolivar and Peggy H. Burke (2010) 
Journal of Educational Administration, 48 (3) 359-391.


Aligning Mental Models of School and District Leadership Teams for School Reform

Janet H Chrispeels, Peggy H. Burke, Peggy Johnson and Alan J. Daly.  Education and Urban Society, 2008; 40 (6), 730





Social Network Theory and Educational Change

Edited by Alan J. Daly, foreword by Judith Warren Little


Learning to Lead Together

Janet Chrispeels


Improving Schools and Educational Systems

Edited by Alma Harris and Janet Chrispeels


The engage part will change my teaching the most. I have always found it important to grab the students’ attention. I remember as a student how difficult it was paying attention in school. In this training I have learned how important it is to engage the students with relevant and hands-on engagement.

Posted By: Teacher - IDDL Training-

River Springs Charter, Murietta

This rubric gives me an idea of what needs to be included in the students' writing. Thank-you!

Posted By: Teacher - 3rd Grade Informative Rubric

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