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School systems across the country are striving to implement challenging standards to meet the needs of today’s diverse learners. TIDES helps districts and schools achieve Common Core State Standards implementation goals. Through its evidenced-based approach, TIDES supports educators, school boards, and parents as learners and leaders to establish a united and clear focus for the future. We assist in analyzing mixed data sets to customize services and optimize benefits for students and staff. Our institutes and coaching enhance team building and leadership, change processes, content knowledge and pedagogical skills.


TIDES offers two to four day institutes and then provides follow-up support to teams at their site, customizing coaching to their specific needs. TIDES also works directly with individual schools, for example in a turnaround process or to develop math and writing expertise across all grade levels. Our broad range of services invites all shareholders to collaboratively design for a sustainable future.

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TIDES Services

How TIDES’ Responsive Evaluations Support Transformation

TIDES provides organizations with tools to examine practices, identify strengths to build on, and collaboratively analyze collected data towards the development of feasible and sustainable growth strategies. 

TIDES’ evaluation work draws on years of experience teaching, leading, and working in districts, schools and organizations as well as evaluating them. TIDES’ approach is independent of organizations and programs it is evaluating while offering a deep understanding of them. 

TIDES Learning Loop: Feedback to Teachers

The TIDES team’s professional experiences have provided an on-the-ground perspective of challenges administrators, teachers and organizational leaders experience daily. Thus, TIDES professional development focuses on the Learning Loop and Inquiry Designs for Deep Learning (IDDL)—both provide transformative tools to support high levels of student learning and achievement of state standards. 

Through partnering with TIDES, districts, schools and non-profit educational organizations can become high performers able to ensure that ALL students become capable communicators, agile and flexible thinkers, who are team-oriented solution finders ready for a rapidly changing global society.

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