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Specialized Services

Evaluating Progress for Continued Success 

For Schools and Districts

A key component to success is to collect data and evaluate processes and outcomes of reform initiatives. TIDES has experience in program evaluation. We can provide ongoing and end of program evaluation (as often required in federal and state grants) through using a variety of data collection and research approaches. Evaluation results are presented to inform practice as well as meet grant requirements.

Turning the TIDE on Underperformance

For Program Improvement Schools, Districts and SIG schools

TIDES has knowledge and experience in turning around and transforming underperforming schools—from preparing School Improvement Grant applications to implementation to monitoring and evaluating the outcomes. TIDES can provide valuable coaching and external support.

Social Network Mapping Process

For Schools and Districts

Social Network Analysis is a tool that can provide districts or schools with insights into existing relationship patterns that may be influencing reform efforts. The TIDES process, facilitated by UCSD faculty and TIDES, provides feedback and analysis to support effective change.

  • Phase 1: Overview and define the scope of the project. 

  • Phase 2: Professional development to increase understanding of 21st century networked systems, share the districts vision and purpose and familiarize participants with online network survey. 

  • Phase 3: Network data collection and analysis. 

  • Phase 4: Leadership discussion of the data, analysis and implications of the findings to develop initial district action steps. 

  • Phase 5: Participant discussion of data and maps to further develop action steps. 

  • Phase 6: Follow-up and next steps.

Parent Engagement for Student Success

For Districts and Sites

Parents are an essential part of the learning triangle. TIDES’ Parent Leaders United for Student Success (PLUSS) is a 6-week program to develop a parent leadership cadre. Parents are taught the meaning of collective leadership and learn action research skills to address school and community issues. In addition, Three Steps for Success: Developing Kids to be College and Career Ready, a 6-week program in English and Spanish, is designed to help parents foster their children to be self-regulated learners ready for 21st Century workplace demands. They are an excellent addition to basic parent education programs provided by most schools.

Developing CCSS Aligned Formative and Performance Task Assessments

For Schools and Districts

TIDES supports teams as they learn simple processes to create common formative and performance task assessments aligned to the Common Core. Follow up support can be customized to fit site and district needs.

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