Janet H. Chrispeels, Ed.D.

Dr. Janet Chrispeels, Director of TIDES, brings over 30 years of experience in working with educational systems and preparing educational leaders to meet the challenges of creating effective schools for all learners. Dr. Chrispeels, served as founding Director for the Education Studies Joint Doctorate in Educational Leadership at University of California, San Diego. She developed and led the California Center for Effective Schools and Center for Educational Leadership at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has served as president of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) and authored numerous articles and books on effective schools, shared leadership, district and school reform. As Professor Emeritus, she dedicates her time to TIDES to transforming educational systems.  

Nahid Nariman, Ed.D.

Dr. Nahid Nariman is a lifetime educator. She has an extensive experience in teaching in many different roles and levels, and an enduring passion for education, research, and evaluation. Nahid has developed, administered, analyzed, and evaluated programs and strategies to determine their effectiveness and to provide recommendations for improvement. At present, she focuses on the development, design and evaluation of STEM implementation in PBL learning environment. She has been a lead researcher and Evaluator on the Santa Maria Bonita School District Migrant Education Needs Assessment Evaluation. Currently, Dr. Nariman along with Dr. Chrispeels, collaborates with the Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™  manager to evaluate the program. She is also the researcher on the State of Hawaii Department of Education “Collaborative Research: Examining the Impact of an Industry-aligned, STEM Problem Based Learning Curriculum on Native Hawaiian and Underrepresented Youth Workforce Development."

Vanessa Karwan, Ed.D.

Vanessa Karwan, Director of Professional Development and educational consultant, is currently working in alternative public education, serving as Principal for Val Verde Academy, an online virtual academy and Principal of Bridges to Adulthood Life Skills Vocational Program for intellectually disabled and autistic young adults. She has been successful as an educational leader at two transformative and turnaround schools. She instituted an online credit recovery program across Val Verde Unified School District to support more than 1000 students to obtain A-G requirements, thereby supporting VVUSD's graduation rate of over 93%, the second highest in Riverside County. Her small school was named Top Small School in Riverside County for FAFSA completion and offers AP courses and NCAA compliance. She has experience with WASC accreditation, receiving many commendations in her mid-cycle review year. Vanessa continues to support schools in professional development in TIDES Learning Loop and Teaching Students to Generate Questions.

Christine Liboon

Christine Liboon, Assistant Evaluator for TIDES, has spent time as a field researcher on the MALDEF project during its data collection and evaluation process for the Parent School Partnership Programs (PSP) in the Greater Los Angeles Area. She supported TIDES consultants in parent leadership workshops and various data collection projects. Christine has taught ESL with a vocational focus for the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in San Diego and serves as a program and data coordinator for IRC's VESL Plus Program. She rejoined TIDES in 2018 to assist in the UC Davis CAPS Principal Support Network Evaluation. 

Who is the TIDES Team?
  • Experienced and committed educators with thousands of hours of teaching, leading and working with K-12, nonprofit and higher education institutions.

  • Designers of successful state and local innovative programs (e.g. District Visioning Instructional Leadership Team Development, Inquiry Designs for Deep Learning, TIDES Learning Loop for Teacher Teams, CCSS Math Institutes, Parent Leaders United for Student Success).

  • Leaders and guides for school and district reform processes that have increased student learning.

  • Researchers and evaluators who document program effectiveness to ensure continuous improvement.


How does the TIDES Team operate?
  • Meets with school and district leaders using a collaborative inquiry process to review data, listen to needs and goals, and collaboratively develop an action plan that builds on teachers and administrators’ prior knowledge, skills, and successes.

  • Uses a strengths-based approach that recognizes teacher and leader expertise and actively engages them in building on strengths to solve current school problems.

  • Collaboratively plans and organizes topic focused institutes (e.g. Math Institutes, Inquiry Designs for Deep Learning, Learning Loop) for a specific school, district or for teacher teams from multiple schools and districts).

  • Collects pre and post-data to determine success of its initiatives.


How does the TIDES Team support schools and districts?
  • Conducts professional development for districts and schools with the goal of increasing knowledge and skills needed to understand and successfully implement the Common Core, Next Generation Science and Social Studies Standards.

  • Works within and across systems (grade levels, schools, districts) to engage teachers in active and deep learning needed to empower students to be self-regulated and passionate learners.

  • Supports grade level and department teams to engage in close examination of student work to understand student strengths and misconceptions in order to identify next instructional steps.

  • Develops parent leaders who understand implications of the Common Core Standards and how to engage in action research to solve school problems.

  • Provides in school coaching and support for grade level teams, school leadership teams, and whole staff professional development.

  • Supports school leadership teams to lead their school through a question of inquiry and data based decision-making.

  • Conducts after school CCSS Math content and strategy sessions for teachers.

TIDES Supporters/Collaborators

Eileen Dial, Ed.D.

Eileen Dial has been successful as a teacher leader at three transformative and turnaround elementary schools and currently is employed as an Assistant Professor at Trine University in Angola, Indiana. She specializes in professional development ...


Lisa Umekubo, Ed.D.

Lisa Umekubo has worked with a diverse population of students, teachers, parents and administrators, both internationally as well as locally. For the past sixteen years she has served as a classroom teacher, academic coach and district administrator. 


Ivan Alba

Ivan Alba is a Mathematics and Leadership Consultant who currently is partnering with TIDES to deliver Content-Focused Professional Development for a Turnaround School as well as to conduct a districtwide math institute for Escondido Union School District. His work involves aligning and strengthening every resource ... 


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