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Assets and strengths

Pioneering work by David Cooperrider at Case Western University has shown that identifying and building on system strengths leads to quicker and more positive changes...


Effective Schools and Districts

Over thirty years of research on Effective Schools guides the work of TIDES.  The Effective Schools Correlates when fully implemented serve as a strong foundation for helping schools close the achievement gap and move all students to high levels of performance...

Network Analysis Tools

The importance of relationships for organizational effectiveness has long been understood but has often not been explored in depth.   Practitioners understand and researchers have documented that trust is central and essential for organizational development and change (Bryk and Schneider, 2002; Tschannen-Moran & Hoy, 2000; Daly & Chrispeels, 2007).


Starters and Finishers

Greg Steven and Kurt Swogger (2008) through their years of work have found that one of the challenges faced by businesses that are trying to innovate is to identify or bring into their organizations innovative individuals, whom they call starters.  According to their research, starters tend to be individuals who on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or MBTII are intuitive, thinking and perceiving (NTP). 


Commitments and


Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey in their book How the Way We Talk Affects the Way We Work surfaced the idea that even when we have well-intentioned commitments (for example, we are committed to all children learning at high levels), we often fail to keep our commitments, not because we don’t engage in valuable supportive activities, but because we have not identified what else we are committed to (e.g., minimizing parental complaints, staying in full compliance to receive federal funding)... 


Pilots and Entrepreneurial Initiatives

A quick review of the Innovation Unit of the British Ministry of Education, Edutopia Magazine, the charter school movement in the United States, or the September 2008 issue of Educational Leadership provides important evidence that innovation is happening around the globe in education...


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